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Famous Quotes

She must remember that to fill her place in life she must be first of all a woman, with all that that can mean, and to undertake any work that would make her less womanly, less able to fill the ideals of real womanhood, would be both unwise and sinful. There are many things that a woman could do, but which in doing she would be thrown into company with all kinds of men in a way so intimate that she could keep neither their respect nor her own. Such a choice would be madness; for she would be destroying what in woman is the most beautiful—modesty and purity

Mabel Hale

A desire to be comely and good to look at is not to be utterly condemned. Beauty of face and form are not given to everyone; but when they are present they may be a blessing, if they are used rightly.

Mabel Hale

girl need not feel that her life is blighted if she lacks these things. The proper care of her person and dress will make an otherwise homely girl good-looking. She should take pleasure in keeping herself presentable and attractive, but when a girl paints and powders till she looks like an advertisement for cosmetics, she shows a foolish heart, which is not beautiful.

Mabel Hale

Though she might have a kind heart and many other desirable qualities, yet her unkempt appearance hides them from view. Beauty of face and form is secondary in importance, though not to be despised. If used properly, personal beauty is a good gift; but if it turns a girl's head it becomes a curse to her.

Mabel Hale

The girl, who depends on her pretty face or form, for attraction, is to be pitied. Those articles in magazines that exalt the idea of personal beauty are pandering to the lower part of nature.

Mabel Hale

One may be perfectly beautiful so far as that kind of beauty goes, and lack to as great an extent that true beauty which is like a royal diadem upon the head. A beautiful soul shining out of a homely face is far more attractive than a beautiful face out of which looks a soul full of selfishness and coldness.

Mabel Hale

Be not careless of the good looks that nature has given to you, take care in dressing yourself and attending to personal neatness, that you may ever appear at your best ; untidiness and carelessness hide the beauty of kind deed, but greatness of soul and nobility of heart hide homeliness of face. You cannot see the one for the other.

Mabel Hale

Seek goodness and purity first, and then strive to keep the body in harmony with the beauty of the heart. Take time to make yourself presentable, but do not use the time before your glass that should be given to loving service. Let your chief charm be of heart and spirit, not of face and form. Seek the true beauty which lasts even into old age.

Mabel Hale

Solomon, in one of his wise sayings, expressed plainly the evil that comes to a woman who is beautiful of face but lacks the true beauty of soul. "As a jewel of gold in a swine's snout, so is a fair woman which is without discretion." As the swine would plunge the golden jewel into the filth and the mire as he dug in the dirt, so will a pretty woman who is not good drag her beauty down to the very lowest. There are many peculiar temptations to those who are only fair of face. Without true beauty of soul a pretty face is a dangerous gift.

Mabel Hale

No one can rise higher than their ideals. The ideal one has in mind is the limit of perfection to that person. It is impossible to attain to higher things than we strive for; and few, oh, so few, even reach their ideals. So it is imperative that we set before us good and pure ideals, that we set our mark high. It is better to aim at the impossible than to be content with the inferior. Our ideals are shaping our life.

Mabel Hale
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